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40% of Downtown Kitchener Office Space Sold

In a monumental real estate deal, Europro Real Estate has purchased seven major commercial buildings in Downtown Kitchener, including Market Square. The potential for these buildings is endless ...Keep Reading

Massive New Downtown Project Proposed

A series of new renderings have popped up for a large scale development in Downtown Kitchener. Three towers and a ton of commercial space would cover the current strip mall and former funeral home...Keep Reading

LRT Construction Continues

Work continues on the Region of Waterloo's monumental Light Rail Transit project. Work here at Northfield in Waterloo in ongoing on what promises to be a project that will change the way our Region operates and is built...Keep Reading

Google's New Home Taking Shape

Google's new home at The Breithaupt Block is starting to take shape. This modern addition to the former Collins and Aikman rubber plant in Downtown Kitchener will house Google once they move from the Tannery...Keep Reading

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