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General Retail News - Spokes - 08-26-2014

General Retail News

Re: General Retail News - panamaniac - 09-03-2014

A "Re-opening Soon" sign has gone up at B & T Supermarket at 470 King St E. It is just about a year since they were closed following a fire.

Re: General Retail News - panamaniac - 09-11-2014

I had occasion this morning to stop in at Kishki World Foods, the updated version of Kishki Halal Food Market (200 Highland Rd West), which re-opened about three weeks ago. It has a very modern clean look to it, with a good variety of Middle Eastern foods, bakery, butcher counter, some fresh produce etc. I looks pretty good.

The variety of ethnic foods available down in that part of town is impressive. Afghan, Portuguese, Salvadoran, Ethiopian, Middle Eastern, plus EuroFoods just down the road.

Re: General Retail News - panamaniac - 09-14-2014

Taya Fashion at 157 King St W has closed. The St Jacobs store remains open. It seems that retail continues to struggle Downtown, unfortunately.

RE: General Retail News - rangersfan - 11-05-2014

The former KFC building at Highland Rd has been turned into an alterations and dry cleaning business.

RE: General Retail News - neonjoe - 11-24-2014

Looks like The Bargain Shop's cousin Red Apple in Forest Glen Plaza is also closing down. Maybe the company is going out of business.

RE: General Retail News - rangersfan - 11-24-2014

Sail opens in Cambridge on November 26, I am looking forward to checking it out.

RE: General Retail News - panamaniac - 11-26-2014

I stepped in to The Bargain Shop this morning on my walk. I had forgotten how large it is and that it has a full basement. The place could very easily be split into two large retail spaces.

RE: General Retail News - panamaniac - 11-29-2014

The Metro supermarket at 980 Franklin Blvd in Cambridge will be closing in the new year.

RE: General Retail News - TMKM94 - 11-30-2014

Do you know if the metro will be turning into a food Basics or are they completely closing it?