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Google Maps and satellite imagery of KW
Google Maps has recently updated much of K-W's satellite view with very recent images (can be definitively dated to November 11, 2014 due to cenotaph crowds and the progress of various construction projects). You can see strips of Ion construction in the Fairway hydro corridor and on Caroline Street; the new Block Line bridge; McLennan Park; and various other new projects.

Notably outside the range of this is the University of Waterloo, the Boardwalk, the Fairway bridge, and other things at the fringes of the cities.

Another hitch is only satellite view has this; if you're in a newer browser the aerial-imagery view may be called 'Earth', which does not have the update - you'll need to switch to 'classic Google Maps' using the settings, first.
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Google Maps and satellite imagery of KW - by KevinL - 02-12-2015, 12:45 AM

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