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Sage 10 Condominiums | 21m | 6 fl | Proposed
257 Hemlock Street
IBI Group / In8 Developments Inc. 
It consists of a six-storey residential building with 141 units featuring a total of 151 bedrooms, with 116 one-BR units, and a few bachelor and two-BR units. It will have 40 parking spaces, and the ground floor will consist of 11 street-facing units. 

[Image: sage-x-condos-1.jpg]

Previous Design
I really like the Sage projects, but not going to lie, I can't keep them all straight after 1 and 2
Seems like a nice building, lots of 1 bed units and reasonable amount of parking.

Not sure I'd want the 4th floor unit with the rally car style jump exit though... Smile
The design for this one has been tweaked a bit. I like!

[Image: sage-x-condos-1.jpg]
Looks a bit like a clone of the42...
(01-10-2018, 05:55 PM)Viewfromthe42 Wrote: Looks a bit like a clone of the42...

That's very true. I'm really liking the scale/massing of many of the Northdale projects so far. It's interesting to see that district evolve.

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