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Fairview Park Mall - Grand Market District
There's leasing signs up at Fairview Park Mall and at Cineplex for the Grand Market District.
There also is an official site http://cfgrandmarketdistrict.com/
I am excited to see this project proceed as upgrading the surface parking to anything is a step forward, but I have to take issue with some of the ad-speak...

"At the heart of Kitchener-Waterloo is CF Fairview Park..."
Huh  Maybe the middle of Waterloo Region, but definitely not the middle a combined Kitchener-Waterloo; definitely on the southern end.

"An activated streetscape creates an intimate pedestrian experience..."
Huh Benches without even a single bollard between me and 6 lanes of 70kph traffic does not meet my definition of an intimate pedestrian experience.

"Office life at the District combines casual, contemporary and historical features into an integrated mixed-use development."
"Grand Market District’s traditional brick and cobblestone streets and lanes..."
 Huh Huh Unless there is a corduroy road or cobblestone road under that Walmart parking lot I'm guess they insinuating a vague reference to the styling of the modern development and not actual historical features?

Proposed floor plans in the PDF.
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
I'm pleasantly surprised by this proposal. I think KW often plays it too 'safe' from an architectural and planning perspective, and this is relatively bold.
The mall is currently in a sad state - and seems unlikely to attract any big name anchors as is. Compounded with the decline/uncertainty of brick & mortar retail, a mixed office-space/retail intensification with easy access to the 401 doesn't seem like a bad idea. Perhaps an attempt to urbanize the suburban mall? I know many will dislike the concept of faux brick/beam, but playing off our industrial past isn't the worst idea, but better than yet another stucco strip mall design.

It reminds me a bit of The Great Northern in Manchester, UK

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