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GO Transit
(01-17-2018, 06:05 PM)DHLawrence Wrote:  Would probably be easier to rehab the ex-CN line from Galt to Guelph and hook up with the Kitchener line. The track's already there, more or less. 

I kinda like this, not least because it allows for a station in Hespeler proper.
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(01-17-2018, 04:00 PM)JCnb Wrote:
(01-17-2018, 03:03 PM)Chris Wrote: Maybe related to the bridge closing soon? Looking into alternative places to put stops when they are detoured off of Victoria.

Edit: I'm not sure GO uses Victoria to be honest. I just assume they would being a major highway.

To and from the new bus yard on Shirley Ave perhaps?

That makes sense.  Would the double deckers fit under the rail spur on Wellington?  Google suggests it's 4.5m clearance.

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