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Eve Park - London, ON
So just heard about this development in London:


Very interesting for some reasons, and less for others:

+ Dense development
+ Not car landscape focused
+ EV Car sharing and sustainable building development
+ Larger units for families?

- Edge of the city, limited transit, zero high frequency transit, and long biking distances means I think many will still end up driving.
- Location is far away from any mixed use development meaning, limited walkability.

I'm excited that this type of thing is being proposed, but I feel it's missing important pieces of a complete community (mixed use, etc.) as well as high frequency transit, and walkable businesses.

Interesting! Not super dense (as compared to a tower configuration) but attractive. But only 60 units isn't really enough for critical mass on the edge of town.
A pretty nice development. Also designed by a group from St. Jacobs. Why don't we see more of those kinds of builds here?
I think you need to do it somewhere where the land costs are low enough. Our urban areas would make it too expensive, and the available space in the suburban areas is already pretty much (fully?) zoned for single-family residential.
Points for creative architecture, no matter what. It'll get lots of discussion!
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Very creative! A lot of cool features. I wonder if they'll charge a premium because of it
(10-23-2018, 03:24 PM)tomh009 Wrote: Interesting! Not super dense (as compared to a tower configuration) but attractive. But only 60 units isn't really enough for critical mass on the edge of town.

Not super dense, no, but this level of density is something we struggle for in our region, not to mention, this density at a relatively high level of finish and design.  Certainly not critical mass however...I fear that may rather limit the appeal, and deter this type of development...of course, as others point out, this might be something that is only possible at the periphery given our current zoning and land cost situation.
ADORE this!!

Way to go, London!

This is so close to Walt Disney's original concept for EPCOT.
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