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Ye (not very) Olde Mappes — late 20th century KW
During a recent round of spring cleaning, I came across a pair of local street maps, published 1979 and 1990 (though, as will shortly be clear, actually showing earlier dates — perhaps we can collectively figure out when).  These are fairly detailed, although slightly stylized, showing rough building outlines. Since there's nothing (that I know of) readily available from that period, I thought I'd make a thread with a few excerpts where things have notably changed.

Why not start at the center of the universe?

1979 map:

Kitchener City Hall. OK, the map dated 1979 shows, at least for this part of Kitchener, no later than 1973.

Duke and Charles were already one-way bypass streets, one of the many attempts to make downtown King St pedestrian-friendly.

1990 map:

By 1990-ish, the office towers at Webe & Frederick had been built. A little street, Massel Pl, replaced a building off Frederick, but don't worry, it isn't there any more. A few houses on Duke and a whole block along Charles made way for parking lots. The first of many lasting holes in the downtown streetscape had appeared, between Frederick and Queen. (Was that also a convenient fire?)

2019 map:

Today, a couple solid blocks have been replaced by the new Courthouse and Market 3.0. On Weber, more houses have been replaced by downtown's ugliest condo tower (west) or rotted away (east). The parking lot on Charles has been replaced by a parking garage, so we've got that going for us, which is nice.
That second one looks an awful lot like a digital web map. Maybe Mapquest? If it is from Mapquest, it was released in 1996.
(04-21-2019, 06:24 AM)jamincan Wrote: That second one looks an awful lot like a digital web map. Maybe Mapquest? If it is from Mapquest, it was released in 1996.

The bottom one is OSM, showing the more-or-less current state, for comparison. I'll edit the post.
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