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The Breithaupt Block | 16 m | 4 fl | Complete
(03-30-2018, 04:18 PM)GtwoK Wrote: As much as I really like this development (I really, truly do), I worry that it's building *UP* to the Mount Hope / Breithaupt neighbourhood, almost as if they are anticipating mid / high rises taking over the neighbourhood. I really think that that neighbourhood (as well as the unrelated, but equally important heritage district, (around the KPL and CitS) should be "untouchable" so to speak. Not that they are on the docket anytime soon, but I worry that developments increasing in height towards those neighbourhoods promotes expanding into them, rather than leveling down to match the residential houses in them

The City of Kitchener PARTS (Planning Around Rapid Transit Stations) has big plans for the Mount Hope/Breithaupt area, especially the area between King St and Mt Hope Cemetery. But there's plenty of under-utilized space (parking lots, low-density commercial) along King St that can be built up before they have to start knocking down single-family homes. I live in the neighbourhood and I can't wait for some more development to come long... I'd love to have some dining options in Midtown.
Aw, darn, that and the (comparably small) heritage district are pretty much the last places in the city that have the nice mid century homes. Plus the mature trees. Densifying along King makes sense, but it's a shame to take out every bit of history in the region.
Mid century homes as in mid-19th century?

Only a couple of single-family homes which had not been particularly well-maintained were knocked down for this specific phase of Breithaupt Block, and they were at the corner of a reasonably busy intersection (so not particularly desirable as single-family homes- if I recall correctly, one was duplexed).

I don't think there's much risk of Mount Hope being replaced entirely by new development any time soon. As googolor notes, there are lots of vacant and underutiliized parcels (this one is a good example) available.
(03-31-2018, 05:08 PM)GtwoK Wrote: Densifying along King makes sense, but it's a shame to take out every bit of history in the region.

I don't think there is really much risk of every bit of history being taken out in Kitchener -- we have a very large number of properties protected by heritage property or district designations.
Google opened a community space in their campus on Breithaupt St and are donating $2.1 million dollars to help build technology skills for the areas youth.

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