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General Food, Dining and Nightlife News
I've heard that it's being turned into a new restaurant, but I don't know. Another Asian restaurant would be appropriate for that location. In any case, I hope the renovations extend to the exterior, as the place is looking really run-down. Dare one hope for some brick or stone cladding?
For fans of greasy spoons, Cambridge Restaurant near King and Church in Preston has just changed hands, had a minor redecoration, and had their menu pared down considerably. I've been there for breakfast twice since the handover; the most recent visit was marked by a wait that lasted nearly half an hour, longer than I've had to wait for a meal. I'm hoping this is not a sign of things to come.
I have just found an awesome little website that is devoted to finding you the best Wings & Beer specials in the KWC&G area!

KW Wing Night

I love their slogan.. LET US BE YOUR WINGMAN!
Former Philthy McNasty/Joe Frommagio soon to be 168 Sushi buffet. Sign says seating for 250+. Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai. 168sushibuffet.com
I used to be the mayor of sim city. I know what I am talking about.
Shawn Wrote:I have just found an awesome little website that is devoted to finding you the best Wings & Beer specials in the KWC&G area!

KW Wing Night

I love their slogan.. LET US BE YOUR WINGMAN!

This is amazing. Thank you for posting it, wing night is going to be almost every night now Smile
At the Jann Arden concert this week, there were a number of food trucks lined up in the plaza leading in to the main entrance. Not much business going on, but I don't think many people expected to see the trucks there. I was in to the Box Office today and was told that CITS is going to make the food trucks a regular feature.
A staffer at the KCL told me yesterday that the Matter of Taste Coffee bar in the Reading Room will open today.
Just saw on twitter that it is indeed open
The Generous Host at 18 Eby St (between King and Charles) opened last week, so I stuck my head in today to check it out. It is a combination homeware/giftware (ceramics, hand-painted pillows)/food (preserves, individual cheesecakes)/café. The cheesecakes seem to be a specialty - they are in individual jars and you get money back if you return the empty jar. Looked like an interesting idea for entertaining. The owner, a young woman, told me she also rents the space out for meetings (it's the main floor of an old house so fairly spacious and not bad looking). Not a lot of stock (yet?), but I noticed that some of the giftware can be custom ordered (Christmas is coming!). Seems another decent option if you are looking for a cup of tea or coffee down that way.

I went to the Waterloo location of Nougat yesterday and grabbed a slice of cherry cheesecake.

Ate it later that evening and can say it is one of the better cheesecakes i've had, I will be returning for other items in the future!
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