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Other Forum Issues
I'm guessing it's just me (I was playing around with my settings the other day), but I can't seem to get the embedded video function to work anymore.  Here's what the code looks like:


Here's what the editor looks like, if I turn off View Codes (the preview shows correctly here):


But here's what the post looks like for me:


Any ideas?

EDIT/UPDATE - Sigh.  I'm an idiot... I must have accidentally reset a bunch of options somehow.  I was digging around in my settings the other day on my phone and probably mucked it all up.  I'll leave this post, in case it helps others in future, but here's the section in the User Control Panel that I had accidentally disabled:


All's good now!
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What's with all the span threads this last couple of days? It's like a plague. Sad
I'm not sure. We'd been doing really well for the past little while and then it's popped up out of nowhere. Hoping to have it under control soon.
128 users were online at the same time at 1:00 PM today. Thank you Justin for this very useful forum.
(10 hours ago)jgsz Wrote: 128 users were online at the same time at 1:00 PM today.  Thank you Justin for this very useful forum.

It's very popular among the robot community.

(8 hours ago)Viewfromthe42 Wrote:

Smile Hopefully they weren't all robots.

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