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Mall Retail (Cambridge Centre, Conestoga, Fairview)
(10-29-2017, 10:03 PM)plam Wrote:
(10-29-2017, 09:55 PM)KevinL Wrote: There's a very specific divide between 'outdoors' and 'organized sport'. I haven't seen anything from SportChek indicating they have any aspirations to the former.

I'm not sure what the relationship between Atmosphere and SportChek is, but it exists, and Atmosphere is how SportChek tries to inhabit the 'outdoors' space.

Both are owned by Forzani Group. I've not seen many Atmosphere standalone stores, most are 'store within a store' in a Sportchek location. Kind of the way that the Marshalls/Homesense store on Fairway operates.
(10-30-2017, 12:30 PM)Section ThirtyOne Wrote: Given the size of the new location, I wouldn't be surprised to see it as a combo Sportchek/Atmosphere store. Anything will be an upgrade on the current space, it is quite shabby as far as Sportchek goes.

I'm guessing the old space will lead to a larger, updated Winners in the back and the front of the current Sportchek will become 2-3 new small stores eventually.

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