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Sandvine receives $5 million order for new 100GE PTS 32000 platform
Dec 2, 2014 | Exchange Magazine | LINK

Quote:This long-time Sandvine customer was among the first operators to place an order for the PTS 32000 in November, and this order represents continued deployment of multiple next generation PTS 32000s within their network to enable traffic optimization and business intelligence use cases.

In its 2RU form factor, the PTS 32000 delivers PCEF/TDF functionality at the highest scale, with the best performance density and power efficiency of any 100GE network policy control device. Additionally, the PTS 32000's support for 100GE, 40GE, and 10GE interfaces allows operators to embed the Sandvine Policy Engine anywhere in their network as they transition to 100GE.

This order further highlights Sandvine's network policy control leadership among tier-1 North American cable operators, from which Sandvine has announced over $21 million in FY2014 orders. Sandvine has active deployments at five of the six largest MSOs in the region.

"Sandvine continues to be the network policy control vendor of choice for North American cable operators and we believe the PTS 32000 will be a key driver for our continued success throughout 2015." said Tom Donnelly, Sandvine's COO, Sales and Global Services. 
From the Record:

Sandvine Q4 profits rise 43 per cent

Waterloo Region Record
By Record staff

WATERLOO — Sandvine's fourth-quarter profits increased 43 per cent as the company acquired more customers for its Internet network management tools.
The Waterloo-based company said Thursday it earned $8.1 million US in the three months ended Nov. 30, up from $5.6 million US in the same period a year ago.
Sales jumped 11 per cent to $34.2 million US.
For the year, Sandvine's revenue increased 16 per cent to $123.4 million US while its net income climbed 78 per cent to $23 million US.
"This was an excellent year for Sandvine," Dave Caputo, Sandvine's chief executive officer said in a news release.
"We finished 2014 with record quarterly revenue. I am pleased that we managed to improve profitability for the year while continuing to invest in our business and launch industry-leading new products like the PTS 32000."
The PTS 3200 is like a black box for the Internet. It allows Internet service providers to monitor traffic and take appropriate actions.
Sandvine said it picked up 36 new customers in fiscal 2014 and also had large existing customers increase their deployment of its technology.
One of Waterloo’s biggest tech firms is embarking on a major expansion.
Premier Kathleen Wynne was at the Sandvine office on Albert Street on Wednesday to announce a $15-million grant for the company, which will be put toward its planned $169-million expansion.

There are now competing bids to buy Sandvine, news article below with more details.

Waterloo's Sandvine accepts $562-million takeover offer


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