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General Road and Highway Discussion
Tell me about it. That used to be a regular route for me under that bridge.
As a driver, I've wondered what the heck is taking so long (as a closed alternate route, due to other road/ramp closures in the area).

On a walk however, the reduced traffic is kind of nice.

Just wait until Victoria st. bridge work is more underway, I'd wager Krug is going to see heavy usage. Could be what they're planning in advance for.
Kitchener council OKs extension of Strasburg Road

Quote:Strasburg Road now stops just south of Rush Meadow Street. Extending the street to connect with Robert Ferrie Drive "is a significant project for us," said Chris Spere, Kitchener's manager of construction engineering.
(10-16-2017, 09:03 AM)Coke6pk Wrote: I will attest to this.... yesterday during the black-out in Stanley Park, all the lights along Ottawa were out.  Drivers DID NOT revert to treating like a four way stop, and some just blew thru the intersection like they had a green light.  I'm surprised there weren't any accidents along Ottawa St (That I am aware of)


Driving tests aren't going to catch this either.
(10-16-2017, 03:17 PM)creative Wrote: I drove through 4 lights on River Road during the blackout and all were being treated as 4 way stops when I went through.

Maybe River Rd drivers had more patience.  I think with the Ottawa St construction (that already delays traffic) peoples patience to "wait" at the blank lights wasn't there.  I drove thru all Ottawa/River, Ottawa/Franklin and Ottawa/NB Expressway ramp intersections 3 times that afternoon, and saw near misses each time at at least one of the above intersections.


(EDIT: Yes Sammy, unfortunately tests would not catch this)

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