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General Road and Highway Discussion
(04-24-2018, 04:27 PM)Canard Wrote: Oh wow, maybe I’m wrong then? So is it illegal for trucks to pass on two-lane sections of 401? How I explained it is more-or-less what I remembered from Young Drivers, which was almost 20 years ago for me Smile

Eh...legalese is hard to parse...I think there is an exception buried in there somewhere, or rather, criteria that probably make it legal on four lane roads.

My main point was that there is required to be a sign that indicates it...I don't recall seeing the sign on the four lane sections.

To be honest, when I went to drivers ed, I was never given this as a rule at all, and was only told that trucks are allowed everywhere there was no sign restricting them...although, truck drivers seem to respect the ones on the highway far more reliably than the ones in my neighbourhood...so perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised that the legal force behind them is different.
Thanks for the link. As for whether they can use the left lane on a four-lane roadway, subsection 1 states "...of those portions of a highway described in the Schedules." If you then scroll down, it exhaustively lists precisely those parts of the highway network that the regulation applies to. I didn't read it too closely, but it seems to be all the parts of the 400 network that are 6 or more lines (ie. not Hwy 7/8 west of where it narrows to 4 lanes, not the 406 etc.)
Regardless, we're now quite off topic. Any mod can move the above to general roads and highways.
(04-24-2018, 04:06 PM)Canard Wrote: I’ve noticed almost every-other day that trucks traveling WB at afternoon rush hour on 401 between 24 and 8 will jump into the left lane to bypass the slower traffic on the right. This is so incredibly dangerous and drives me nuts when I see them do it.

That's because the traffic on the right are idiots that don't realize they can take the Hwy 8 ramp at highway speeds, and inexplicably slow down to 60 km/h at least a kilometre before they even get to the ramp.  I can't fault the truckers continuing westbound for not having the patience to deal with said idiots and going around them, I certainly don't have it...  :-)
^ sigh...
Yup Kevin, or people that NEED to squish into the right lane, (incorrectly) thinking it’s the only way to get to 8.... when really, traffic would flow perfectly smoothly if everyone in the right lane shifted over at the exit, then people in the centre lane shifted into the right lane which splits....

But, people are dumb... and I have brought this up before:



...and have tried to explain the reverse in others:

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