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199-205 Albert St | 81m | 24 fl | Proposed
How long before we get calls for an east-west LRT loop from UW, down Columbia, up King, and then back along University?

(11-02-2015, 03:03 PM)nms Wrote: How long before we get calls for an east-west LRT loop from UW, down Columbia, up King, and then back along University?

That route would fundamentally be a local circulator, so it would need to stop more frequently than LRT does. In fact, this concept now exists in some form in GRT's Route 92 - but it will take GRT removing the 7's and increasing the frequency/hours of the 92 to really make it useful transit.
Has this been approved?
(11-09-2015, 09:03 PM)rangersfan Wrote: Has this been approved?

I saw an application for a zoning change in the Chronicle this week for a 25 story tower...I'm assuming that this is it (it was the southwest corner of Uni/Albert).  Seems like it is still in the works.

Ah yes, this is the one that deferred the last time the zoning change application was going to go to a public meeting.  They were getting pushback on the height and parking.

Old application:
Quote:The application was advanced in order to permit the construction of a 24-storey mixed-use building, with 179 units (179 bedrooms) and 400 sq.m. of commercial and office uses.

New application:
Quote:The addendum application is being advanced in order to permit the construction of a 25-storey mixed use building with 179 units (179 bedrooms), 300sq.m. of commercial uses on the ground floor, and 630sq.m. of commercial and office uses on the second floor.

Comparing the Old Plan to the New Plan, the key difference is that they are squeezing in 12 more parking spots. 61 before and 73 now.
They also added 500m² of commercial/office space. That could easily add 12 parking spots worry of demand.
People were complaining there wasn't enough parking before. If the extra floor of office really added 12 spots worth of use, (which I doubt) it wouldn't really be helping their case.

The design brief seems to imply that they've got a Tutoring school lined up to take tenancy of the second floor.

I'm just wondering how they squeezed those 12 extra parking spots in. There's no basement diagram in the old documents, but I would have thought that the whole basement was a garage already.
There are some 3d renders of this project on the architect's website, not sure if these are from the latest design or not:

City staff have recommended that this project be approved, does anyone know if it has been passed through City Council?
There's a video that was uploaded November 2018

That's an excellent video! I wish all developments had them (and publicized them).
That's a VERY cool video. Thanks for posting!
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