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VIA Rail
(Yesterday, 09:28 AM)Canard Wrote: Frustrating. We’re visiting friends in Toronto tomorrow.

“Let’s take the train instead of driving!”

VIA: $160

“Oh, erm. Okay, how about the GO Bus! They have those cool double-deckers...”

GO Transit: $65

...but it’s less than $10 for us to drive.

This is so frustrating. Transit should be cheap, accessible to all, and frequent. It had to cost less than driving, and be better, or nobody is ever going to make the switch. I can’t justify spending an extra $150, as much as I might want to go for a train ride.
I jus got back from Chicago. Stayed in the Burbs. Took the Metra train into downtown each day. Less than 5.00 one way. Weekends you can get an 8.00 pass unlimted rides. Now that is the way to go. You can't afford not to use the trains.
Can only do that here if you're going to be on the Lakeshore or Barrie lines. And if you're on the Barrie line you're going to have a long wait if you miss your train.

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