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ION Phase 2 - Cambridge's Light Rail Transit
(02-13-2018, 12:04 PM)Canard Wrote: Everyone in Preston is bitching they don’t want it

Come now; a vocal minority in Preston is expressing displeasure. There are, I'm sure, many who would like access to that level of transit but for whatever reason are not speaking up. Let's not leave them in the cold.
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Referendum then.
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Although I think it is a terrible decision to leave yourself out of transit, and Cambridge will again pay for it as they did their busing choices, I have to agree adding it to the highway would be fun.

I found this line pretty funny though: “Can you imagine? Going down Shantz Hill is like taking the LRT over Niagara Falls.”

As if somehow trains are more unsafe than cars (with largely untrained drivers) or walking/biking down the hill.
LOL, yup. Just uninformed people who haven’t ever left the city and have no clue how transit works and what it is capable of in other cities...
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain

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