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Charlie West (Charles & Gaukel) | 31 fl | U/C
(10-10-2018, 02:51 PM)EdM Wrote:
(10-10-2018, 12:34 PM)robdrimmie Wrote: I think that happened before the piles were driven. When the existing building was taken down the lot was completely cleared and a bunch of fill removed. Then the lot was refilled, levelled and sat untouched for a week or thereabouts before the pile driving phase began. So I think all the clean up work on the site was done as part of that phase.

I thought the remediation was being done off-site -- soil excavated as usual, and then taken somewhere for cleaning. If that's the case it wouldn't add any extra time.

That's consistent with the speculation in-thread when the buildings came down.

In the Kitchener Citizen East Edition on page 11 in the City hall article, it claims that this tower will be 35 stories! If true, wonder when that changed?

I'm pretty sure that's just an error. I bought a unit and I'd have heard if they added more floors.
Found some cool pictures of the Charlie West model (I assume at the sales center):  http://xortus.com/portfolio/charlie-west-condos/




This has probably been brought up before, but it just occurred to me that the light pattern in that decorative bit on the manulife side (covering the parking garage?) is a map of the arterial roads downtown!
I totally missed that! Very cool.

I just found out that the metal fins spell out a message in binary code:  "who we are cannot be separated from where we're from"  VERY COOL.

Lots of good info in this PDF:  https://condovilleclub.com/wp-content/up...ochure.pdf
It's funny that brochure has the project listed as 26 floors.
That's funny. The model also appears to have 26 floors.
That downtown street map is on the Charles St side, so if it survives to the final version it will be visible from the Ion station.

The project was originally 26 floors, but another 5 were added due to demand. The tower ended up with three distinct sections, up to 24 there's the original standard layout, 25-28 have a somewhat different layout with more small units that was new for the added floors, and 29-31 have a penthouse layout (originally would have been used on just 25-26).
Looking good, I just they'd pick a colour other than grey.
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