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Images of Progress - Modernism in Waterloo Region 1946-1996
I recently came across a nice little book that can be found for sale at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery downtown. I'd recommend picking it up, despite it just being a short book that galleries often put out to coincide with exhibits they hold.

It was released as part of an exhibit a while back that focused on modernist architectural projects in the region throughout the 20th century. Within it are 50 buildings created during this time, along with a short history, occasionally blueprints as well as photographs (b&w) of the projects. There's everything from the current city hall, local businesses, homes, educational and religious institutions et cetera. I forget what I paid for the book, but it was no more than 20 dollars and the profits go towards the cultural projects in the city. You can still purchase it at KWAG.

I've attached a few photos of the contents here: https://imgur.com/a/VHMes

[Image: opJXSRk.jpg]
Very nice! I am trying not to acquire more stuff (including books on paper) but I'm tempted to make an exception for this!
Cool book. It would make a good basis for a bike tour around the city. I should go and find a copy.
Love that idea clasher!

Also, my jaw just dropped - I had no idea Moriyama (of Moriyama & Teshima) had done work here. I should hand in my Brutalism/Canadians Architect Fan Card now Sad
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