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165 King West | 3 fl | U/C
165 King West
  • 2 x King St Storefronts
    • ~1250-3000 sqft usable space~1500-4000 sqft usable spaceAdditional space allocated for storefront amenities (storage, washrooms, etc)
  • ~20,000 sqft of ideally located office space
    • Segmentable into upto 8 units, with the smallest being ~1500 sqftWide array of amenities available for office tenants (including a gym space, showers, ample bike storage, large cafeteria space and rooftop patio)Special attention has been taken to accentuate the buildings natural character and history, including exposed original brick, restored tin ceiling panels, restored original hardwood floors, a repurposed 2-ton safe, exposed beams and more!
Thanks! Now if one of the admins has some time to spare we could seed the thread with some of the existing discussion from the DTK thread ... Smile
Working on it. I hope to have some time this weekend, but busy at work right now.
Building permit issued last month for the addition/restoration of the 3rd floor to the building.

Quote:Permit is for a third storey addition and includes interior alterations in the basement, main and second floor to convert building from a retail store to a multi-tenant building - shell only.
Temporary construction railings now on the rooftop, in preparation for the construction of the third floor.
I really like how this project is including a shower and change room. I think the lack of these amenities for some people is a major deterrent for them when considering active transportation for work.
Also having bike storage is also a big plus.

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