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General Urban Kitchener Updates and Rumours
panamaniac Wrote:
Spokes Wrote:I noticed the property at the south-east corner of Glasgow and Belmont is up for sale. This could be a great development opportunity.

You mean the site under development for the new apartment complex, or the Warwick Marking plant itself?

Sorry not Gage. Glasgow. Fixed.
Oh, that would be a great location for a new condo - right at the edge of Belmont Village.
I noticed today that there is scaffolding and some hoarding in front of the little building on King St East that, for many years back in the day, housed the Little Pinto children's clothing store. I believe it is used as apartments, but it has been deteriorating for years. I hope that they are just doing some repairs and not changing the façade - I think it may be one of the most modest examples of Art Deco that I have ever seen!

[Image: 16isca0.jpg]
Lots of small projects in the east end of Downtown.

New roof going on the former Hive. I hope the exterior walls will also be spruced up.

[Image: 2i1z9er.jpg]

The Little Pinto Shop - some of the damaged pre-cast stone has already been removed. I hope they don't spoil the exterior.

[Image: 205tied.jpg]

The work is continuing at Braun's former location. I suspect this may become a high-tech office space. The interior I saw a few weeks ago looked terrific.

[Image: 2wf8kfl.jpg]

A new café/bakery/giftware shop (?) called the Generous Host opening this weekend on Eby St behind the Hong Kong Plaza.

[Image: 2s1a9uq.jpg]
rangersfan Wrote:
panamaniac Wrote:Renovations are continuing at 22 Charles St West (next to the building housing Thalmic Labs), A new glass front is being installed in the entrance/stairwell and new windows are being installed on the second floor. Not sure who occupies the building, if anyone, but it should look better when the work is completed.

It appears 22 Charles st is also being renovated for Thalmic Labs. According to this website the redevelopment is known as "Charles by the Park".

September 13, 2014

[Image: September132014.png]

The extension will not win any awards, but hey, the more renovated office space the better!

[Image: 34dlqib.jpg]
I just drove past the former Boa Nova Restaurant at Charles and Ontario St and noticed that workers are on the site working on the interior (I was surprised because it was after 7pm).

As I am going to be away until Thursday, I have a favour to ask, if anyone is down that way and is able to ask any workers what is happening with the building. I would be very interested if anyone can find out what is going to happen to the barrel shaped wooden sign that faces Charles St. I seem to recall that the then restaurant owner had it specially made from wood salvaged from Seagrams (?). If that is so, I think it should be saved and perhaps donated to the Regional History Museum rather than thrown away. I'd be grateful if anybody can find out more and, perhaps, let someone know that I might be interested in acquiring it if it is not spoken for.
There has been an excavator and an earth mover at the Arrow Lofts over the last couple of days working on the vacant lot next to the condo which is the future site of Phase 2 of the development. 

I'm guessing that they're just there to clean up the lot a little bit and back fill the hole that they dug up to create the parking structure extension.  Phase 2 is probably a few years away.  I think there's still a number of unsold units they need to sell.  

Does anyone know how many units are left?
I am not sure what happened to the thread for 53 David st ( unless we didn't have one) but it looks like this project is changing. There is a large sign on the property for " Residence On Park". The website http://www.residenceonpark.com/ has a survey that looks to be trying to capture information about potential unit buyers.

Makes me wonder what happened. With the latest development on this project combined with the situation at the Lancaster Brownstones I hope Revel Development is not in any sort of difficulty, as they have been doing a lot of good things in the region.
The work at the Arrow Lofts is a clean up of the future development site.  I'm hoping that Auburn will do at least some basic landscaping, as it seems any construction is some years off.  I haven't seen anyone at the sales office recently, but I believe that there are under 30 units remaining unsold.
It's been interesting seeing the various flora and fauna that have been taking to that temporary pond at Arrow...
But I won't be sad to see them clean up the lot a little.
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