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General Arts and Culture News
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The mural actually has a second, smaller segment, to the left across the stairwell opening.
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I just noticed today for the first time the set of art panels on Park St, just behind KCI and Don McLaren Arena.  Very nice!  Apologies for the crappy photos, the reflections didn't help!




It's a little late now, but the Hold the Line festival was today. It's a cycling and folk music festival held in St. Jacobs to celebrate the countryside of KW. Three bike routes follow the Countryside Line (or as close as possible) which marks the development boundaries for the region. There was also live music for the event. I was doing another group ride today, so didn't take part, but a number of friends did, and I crossed paths with a large number of riders riding the longest route south of Cambridge, and it seems it was well-supported.

The other event isn't technically in Waterloo Region, but I'd never heard of it until today, and it seemed like a huge event. There's an Applefest going on this weekend in St. George south of Cambridge (in Brant County). My friend and I were looking to stop at the Brown Dog Cafe for lunch there, and stumbled on the event. It was absolutely packed with people (apparently 30,000 over the course of the weekend according to our waitress. I gather it's just a large fall festival that's relatively common in small towns, but it's worthwhile visiting just for the Brown Dog Cafes apple fritters.
(10-25-2016, 04:43 AM)rangersfan Wrote: TV show 'A Handmaid's Tale' was filming in Cambridge yesterday.


We just finished watching the first (currently, only) season. Super cool to recognize all the spots where it was filmed.
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain

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