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Full Version: Growth in Waterloo Region | The Regional Official Plan Review | Planning to 2051
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With 923'000 people expected to be living in Waterloo Region by 2051, the Region of Waterloo is putting together its newest Official Growth Plan and seeking public input.

Most notably is the creation of the "15 minute neighbourhood", which as the phrase suggests would be neighbourhoods where many daily and non-daily living necessities are located within a 15 minute walk from home.

More info is available at their website: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/925...79249dc4e2
"15 minute Neighbourhodds" is a useless marketing term unless the Region finally and for real shows commitment to walkability and active transportation (instead of the half-assed lip service they usually give those things) and takes a stand on lower-tier zoning reform to help get the missing middle housing built.