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New Feature: Tables
As per a user request, you can now insert tables into your posts.  Along the left hand side (under the smilies) there is a link that says "table generator."  That will create a popup which will allow you to create a table in your post.



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Awesome -- thanks!
Cool! Cheers!
I'm not certain if you can change shading/colouring, but it's the best of an imperfect situation.
Ooo, I just went to go to use this for the first time, but it looks like the instructions are no longer valid (no button under smiles) - although I'm probably just missing it!
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Hmm good catch. I don't think it was specifically to the old theme, but I'll check
There we go!
In the end, you end up editing in source mode, especially if it's a large table. For example, this is a snippet of the downtown project directory table.

That wasn't always the case was it? I know you've used the tables a ton
Really only in a handful of posts, but the project directory is the biggie. If I recall correctly, I was initially able to WYSIWYG edit but now it gives me the table tags right away. Not sure about that.

The table tags aren't awful, a bit of a nuisance but at least they will do exactly what I type in.
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