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(02-20-2023, 12:26 PM)cherrypark Wrote:
(02-19-2023, 10:15 PM)dtkvictim Wrote: Checked out Joseph St and Stewart St today, and utility poles have still not been moved. The trail portion next to the Google parking garage looks finished. Found an update on EngageWR saying construction won't resume until summer 2023; a completely ridiculous timeline for this project.

Complete guess but the latter point sounds like the construction around the new incubator is going to encroach on the new MUT. Itching to have it done as well but if it saves the newly paved infra from getting busted up by construction I think its liveable. Not sure why Stewart St. couldn't get done in the mean time though...

The UW project is more understandable than the utility relocation. I assume Dan means the incubator developer is only responsible for paving the trail, and not also somehow dealing with Bell and Hydro lines, which presumably have to get out of the developer's way regardless.

I guess once the Google section is open it should be ok. Joseph and Stewart are low traffic enough for me to bike on the street for now. It would just be nice to be able to cross Victoria St without dismounting.

Good to know re: who is finishing the Joseph MUT. Might be a distinction without a difference on the utilities, in that depending on how the project and scope are set up the hydro and telecoms changes may be under one project for both streets and are scheduled to occurring in the same block of time and therefore waiting on the Joseph space to be ready for work.
There's a new post up on Engage WR about proposed improvements to the Laurel Trail between Peppler and Weber in Waterloo.

Quote:The Laurel Greenway Master Plan identified the need for pedestrian trail lighting between Peppler Street and Weber Street North, as well as an improved trailhead at Brighton Street to enhance neighbourhood and Greenway connections. The proposed pedestrian lighting will increase safety and extend the useable hours of the trail, especially during the Winter months. The proposed concept for the Brighton Street Trailhead includes safe entry onto the trail system off Brighton Street, wayfinding and interpretation, options for sitting and gathering, and opportunities to view the natural creek-side elements.

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