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Sharing Isn’t Caring: Shifting Gears on Shared Responsibility

We need to change the conversation on shared responsibility. This became glaringly clear to me recently, when I came across a social media campaign run by the Waterloo Regional Police, called #CareToShare. ... Keep Reading


It’s been a few weeks since the municipal election and I’m ready to start talking about how we can get to work. I’m excited to see what the new councils for the City of Waterloo, City of Kitchener and Region ... Keep Reading

Revisiting the Market District

Earlier last month I got called out on Twitter. Hard. Four years ago I wrote a post called Four Ways to Fix the Market District. Last month, I made the point in a tweet that the Market District was broken... Keep Reading

Shame, Blame and the City Building Game: Moving Forward With the Way We Move

I returned from Burning Man a few days ago. Similarly to last year, I’ve come back inspired – and somewhat tired. My week in Black Rock City was admittedly a lot tougher this year. It was oppressively hot, ...Keep Reading

Aiming for Bare Minimum: Why Cycletrack Networks Are the Only Way Forward

This past January, I finished my first year on the City of Kitchener’s Cycling and Trails Advisory Committee. And I was considering quitting. Like many volunteers on city committees everywhere...Keep Reading

Segregated Bike Lanes Coming to Waterloo Region. Finally.

The Region's first segregated bike lanes will be installed by 2016. The Region of Waterloo announced in August that they will be installing segregated bike lanes on Manitou Drive between Homer Watson...Keep Reading

4 Ways to Fix the Market District

I think the Market District in downtown Kitchener has a ton of potential. If done the right way our “market” could be a smaller version of Ottawa’s Byward Market. The Market District is an area bordered by ...Keep Reading

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