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Loloan Lobby Bar
So The Record just said that Loloan Lobby Bar is probably the best new restaurant in Waterloo Region this year 

I feel like this one doesn't get a lot of press.  It's been on my list since someone mentioned it in the upscale bars thread, but sadly I haven't made it out yet.

Anyone been?  What's it like?

On my list! We love Bhima's Warung so I have high hopes for this.
Been there a couple of times. Highly recommend. Definitely qualifies as Asian fusion.
I echo everyone else's comments. Loloan is excellent! And the interior is perfectly done. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the deconstructed cocktail I had. Call me old fashioned, but I feel that the reason you order cocktails is to have them mixed for you Smile
Deconstructed cocktail? Go on?
(09-14-2018, 04:16 PM)Spokes Wrote: Deconstructed cocktail?  Go on?

They bring you a bunch of cocktail ingredients and you can experience them individually.

They also have fully constructed cocktails. The staff is also quite good at explaining stuff, especially if you have particular needs.
Ya I'm not sure I can get on board with that.
The deconstructed cocktail is both intense for being deconstructed, as well as for each element being intense on its own (spicy salt and a grassy extraction being the main two, along with fresh mango and the actual alcohol). I wouldn't pan a movie theatre for showing one extremely arty movie I didn't like, or a ski hill for having one utterly terrifying route I couldn't handle, and so in a thick menu of cocktails, I really think people are focusing on the wrong thing; it's ok if you can't handle the most extreme thing, that's why it's the most extreme thing. The many, many other options are truly delicious. And indeed, you are forewarned. I say this as a craft beer drinker who seeks out new things, and definitely accepts that it is on me when I try a sour double smoked barrel aged porter and don't truly love it.
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