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Advertising on WRC
I couldn't find any existing discussion of this so I started a new thread, feel free to redirect me.

Spokes, I understand you need to cover your costs for the site, but the advertising is starting to get obnoxious (at least on mobile). When it was just the bottom of the page it wasn't so bad, but a banner after the first post means I see it every page.

Would it be possible to exempt those that donate from seeing ads?

Set a minimum donation per year to be ad free, or maybe even sell it as a subscription to WRC Pro or something that renews every year. I'm all for helping you out with the costs, and don't want to freeload, but advertising really sucks after donating to the site.

Thanks for posting this Taylor, your post is actually really good timing. I was working on an announcement for exactly what you suggested just tonight.

After thinking long and hard, reading and re-reading all suggestions (many, many times) and considering all options with regards to site funding, I'm excited to announce in the coming weeks we'll be launching WRConnected Premium Accounts.

As you've all obviously noticed, some ads have popped up around the site. This has been in large part to see how they would fit into the site's framework and how they perform. My intention was never to launch advertising while also soliciting donations. That just seems greedy, and I really hope I haven't come across that way (although I could see how I might have since you all didn't know these plans - so I'm sorry for that).

In following along with a user suggestion (and yours tonight too Taylor!), one of the perks of the premium membership will be to enjoy an ad free experience at WRConnected. While supporting the site is, for many, the main perk of membership, other benefits, such as the removal of ads (and others) will be provided.

And don't worry, all of you who made donations this year will automatically be given premium memberships!

I'm working on finalizing logistics for this and hoping to have it put together in a week to 10 days.
Was this the reason you changed the thread count per page ?  Still waiting for it to return to the original count....  Just until ION reaches 1000 pages.  Then you can go back to what you want..
It wasn't connected to that, no.  But it was one of the things I was testing.  I'll go ahead and change it back.  I've seen enough of what I needed to see.

Interestingly changing it back gets us 878 pages.  It's just too popular hah.
Awesome, great to hear. Sorry for spoiling your surprise announcement, but I'm definitely excited to see premium accounts. Don't feel that you need to rush because of me, I'm just happy to know I'll be returned to the ad-free experience in the future.
You ruined everything! (Just Kidding)

I'd been planning on making an announcement, and interestingly enough, I was talking my wife's ear off about the logistics of it last night, so no better time than the present.
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