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Brass Bugle
There's a new website launched recently that highlights new developments and posts articles on development, planning, and housing issues. I heard the goal was to create a neutral website that simply provides updates and information about projects, PICs, etc, but so far I definitely don't get that vibe myself - would be curious to know what others think. http://thebrassbugle.com/

No, it's not really neutral. Which is OK, I am not neutral either Smile but the founders' views do come through pretty clearly in the few articles that are posted. Whether one agrees with them or not is a whole different question!
I think it is important for people to have information that concerns them, this includes relevant zoning and local Councillors. Having said that I agree that the people behind this website have an agenda, and knowing some of the founders that agenda is leaning heavy to the NIMBY side of the spectrum. I think that people on this site (or those that appreciate growth/ development and the positive change that come with it) should understand that those who oppose developments are extremely organized and motivated.  It is important to express support to local Councillors if you agree with a development or show up to an information night. I think this is something that WR Connected is lacking on in my opinion. It would be nice if we had a sub group that gives people information regarding Councillor meetings/ votes, information nights and relevant council members/ city planners to reach out to to voice our opinions too.
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