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900 King St W | 25 fl | U/C
(02-28-2023, 11:19 PM)ac3r Wrote: Correct. The developer was considering partnering with the Grand River Hospital Foundation to potentially include 13 hotel rooms who could rent to families of very long term patients.

It is an interesting idea but I am unsure how realistic the proposal would have been. Does anyone know if the final approval included this? In any case I wouldn't be surprised if it was cancelled since this is an acute care hospital for the most part. The only real semi-long term care units there are some in the medicine, oncology and maybe a few in mental health who need to be in the PICU but they aren't there that long anyway. Plus with the announcement of GRH planning a new major regional hospital in the near further while transforming this one into an even more acute focused hospital, I would think the developers would just cancel the idea and put in some extra regular rental units.

Looking at the approved plans it still shows the third floor containing the 13 hospital foundation units as well as a lounge and administrative spaces for the hospital foundation. So currently it looks like the plan is still the same as it originally was.

Is this a public private partnership? Why are public officials there?
Grand River provides cancer treatment to people from like Grey Bruce, Wellington county, etc. So it would likely be very feasible.. I know people in Walkerton and Hanover who have to drive down. And there is no bus service from those areas anymore. There used to be !
(03-01-2023, 07:35 AM)Spokes Wrote: Is this a public private partnership? Why are public officials there?

Maybe they wanted to tout the benefit of the ION for developers even if the final system wasn't optimized for transit users and the system itself can't operate in winter weather? (sorry to soon?)
(02-05-2023, 09:37 PM)CuilTard Wrote: Anyone remember roughly how long it's been in this state? What are they waiting for?

Just noticed this sign. Has it been here all along? Seems to explain the current state. 

They won't be able to work on the futhers until they have a permit, I suppose. 🤔
There was action on site last week. I walked by on Saturday but that this wasn't a good weekend to judge if they are still working.

Yes there's definitely action. I was by last week and they have a lane on Pine St closed with a site trailer on it, and they were hauling dirt around.
The suitable permits have not yet been granted (although the project was approved), but indeed they were doing something on site a few days ago.

Either way, it's going ahead...we're just waiting for the formalities to finish before the construction can be begin.
There's a crew on site this morning doing the remaining shoring.
(04-28-2023, 08:00 AM)ac3r Wrote: There's a crew on site this morning doing the remaining shoring.

I see what you mean. Is it typical to do the shoring half at a time?


Nope. I don't know the exact reason they did half the lot property but it may have been soil remediation as the parking was there.
Cantiro Homes has submitted an application to have the project reduced by 1 floor.

(06-26-2023, 02:33 PM)ac3r Wrote: Cantiro Homes has submitted an application to have the project reduced by 1 floor.

That seems uncharacteristic of tall building developments around here. Is it likely that sales were not as strong as expected and they need to reduce the proportion of unsold units to get financing?
Sales? Is it not a rental?
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