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General Suburban Updates and Rumours
General Suburban Updates and Rumours

The PWO Canada facility at 255 McBrine dr is currently under going a 50,000 sqft expansion.
The Grand Valley Institution for Women expansion is currently well underway, I have not had a chance to take photos yet.

Mother-Child Program part of expansion at Grand Valley Institution for Women
May 20, 2014 | Kathlene Campbell-Conlon | 570news | LINK

Quote:The Correctional Service of Canada is expanding Grand Valley Institution for Women to better accommodate inmates.

40 new minimum-security beds and 5 adjoining rooms will be added to a new unit situated outside the fence of the main GVI complex but still on the same property on Homer Watson Boulevard in Kitchener.

Media Relations Advisor for CSC, Chantal Guérette, tells 570News this will house female offenders who are classified as minimum security — meaning they pose limited risk to community safety.

This will allow up to 5 women offenders and their children to participate in the Mother-Child Program – which helps in the rehabilitation and successful reintegration of female inmates.

Decisions will be made with local child welfare authorities to ensure participation in the program is for the best interests of the child.

The program was first introduced in 1997.

In total, the CSC will be adding 114 minimum security beds to its women’s institutions.
There was a fair amount of activity at the corner of Highland Rd and Spadina Blvd this week where an old gas station used to be, likely just soil testing but hopefully the site of an exciting project someday.
The new dental clinic at Hespeler Road and Eagle/Pinebush appears to be open for business. Can't tell if the street-side doors are in use, but the option is there at least.

Farther down the road, another gas station has been torn down. No idea what it's going to become (if anything).
The house located at 245 Highland Rd has recently been demolished. 


The subject properties are located on the southeast corner of Highland Road West and Belmont 
Avenue West. The existing single detached residential dwelling located closest to the 
intersection on 251 Highland Road West, is entirely occupied by a permitted ‘personal service’ 
use. The property adjacent at 245 Highland Road West is developed with an existing single 
detached dwelling. The applicant is proposing to demolish the existing single detached dwelling 
at 245 Highland Road West with the intent to consolidate and comprehensively redevelop the 
property with 251 Highland Road West. The applicant has submitted a site plan application 
which proposes a two-storey addition to the existing building at 251 Highland Road West. This 
addition will be occupied by an extension of the ‘personal service’ use on the main floor and a 
residential dwelling unit on the second floor. The new addition will be located on 245 Highland 
Road West which currently only permits a ‘personal service’ use as a home business on a 
limited basis. The applicant is proposing a ‘personal service’ use at a larger scale than what is 
currently allowed under the home business regulations in the Zoning By-law. In order to 
facilitate the redevelopment, the applicant requires a zone change to permit the ‘personal 
service’ use on all of the subject lands.

further details of the project can be found here.
Former Notre Dame school site condo proposal withdrawn
October 16, 2014 | Carrie Debrone | Kitchener Citizen |  LINK

Quote:The recently-proposed Notre Dame school property development is dead.

Options for Homes, a non-profit developer corporation, had been interested in purchasing and developing the six-acre site located at 142 Rosemount Ave. in Kitchener, but has now pulled its offer.

The land formerly housed Notre Dame Catholic School, which was closed in June 2010 and later demolished to make way for a planned 49-unit subdivision that included single family and semi-detached homes However, that deal fell through two years ago.

Options for Homes then became interested in the property and securred an option to purchase the land.

To get feedback from neighbours about what kind of development the local community would favour, company representatives held a meeting in June that drew about 150 people. At that time, the company said it was considering several different types of condominium developments for the property - either mid-rise or stacked townhouse styles - with hopes that construction could start in 2017.

While some people liked the plan for condos, others were unsure saying they believed it would change the character of the mostly single-family home area and cause traffic problems.

“Our company has pulled its offer for the Notre Dame property,” said Jan Ciuciura, head of Options for Homes Waterloo Region.

“The land is overpriced for the number of units we can put on it according to our benchmarks, and the seller didn’t want to lower the price, so we’ve withdrawn the offer,” Ciuciura said.

Although the company had talked informally about its proposal with city officials, the City of Kitchener never received a formal application for development from the developer, according to Della Ross, the city’s Manager of Developer Review.

The land is currently zoned for single detached homes. Development of any other type of homes, including condos or apartments, would require a zone change.
I saw that what was formerly a "coming soon" Revel sign at the corner of Bleams Road and Century Hill Dr is now a realtors sign. Odd since the property is a woodlot next to the designate Steckle Woods.
Between this, the issues with one of their townhouse projects and the selling of the David Street property, could Revel be in trouble?
Habitat building seven homes on Kehl St. in Kitchener
April 28, 2014 |  Arlene Dowell | 570 News | LINK

Quote:Habitat for Humanity is dusting off the hard hats.

They launched their 2014 build season today.

Director of Development for Habitat for Humanity in Waterloo Region, Gerry Lawler says they will be building seven homes in the Kehl Street neighbourhood.

He says moving into your own home is transformational for families. He says at least one child under the age of 13 must be moving into the home.  This is a rule because they believe the younger generation will pay it forward and contribute to their community.

Families are also required to help with the construction.

Location of the development:

[Image: C3NzHjI.png]
A crane is about to go up next to the Economical Insurance office on Riverbend Drive in Kitchener. This page says there's a 6-storey parking garage going in, so I suppose it's for that.
The older of the two Petro-Can stations at Ottawa and Strasburg has been closed, and its tanks are currently being excavated.

[Image: 20141113_114134.jpg]

No word yet if anything is set to replace it.
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
The new parking garage for Economical is well under way. The progress is clearly viewed from the highway.
Does anyone know what is planned for the north-east corner of Strasburg Road and Block Line Road? The trees were removed several years ago. Since then they started to dig and then stop. Dig for a week of so and then stop again. They really started to excavate the site this fall but they stopped again. The depth of the hole suggests underground parking for a high rise building but I've yet to see any indication of what is planned.
(11-29-2014, 10:56 AM)jgsz Wrote: Does anyone know what is planned for the north-east corner of Strasburg Road and Block Line Road?  The trees were removed several years ago.  Since then they started to dig and then stop.  Dig for a week of so and then stop again.  They really started to excavate the site this fall but they stopped again.  The depth of the hole suggests underground parking for a high rise building but I've yet to see any indication of what is planned.

I live just up the street from this. I understand a highrise is planned but the glacial progress indicates it's on a slow burn financially. Wish I knew more.
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
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