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32 King St East | ?m | 6 fl | [proposed]
[Image: fc7e29cf6db44735ab7921b71dbc66e3.jpg]



A new office building in Downtown Kitchener?  A gap on King St (E!) filled?  Be still my heart....!
I like it. Build it tomorrow. It'll solidify the eastern downtown nicely.
Architecturally it's not stunning but it's way better than what's there now.  
More importantly it brings people back to the core. We need more office buildings and we need more condos and apartment buildings. The Arrow lofts, City Centre and One Victoria are a good start. Hopefully the Cedar Block will be a go soon. However I do expect apartment/condo construction to significantly taper next year, maybe less than 5 new cranes up.
Was still hoping that the next tech hub building in Kitchener (which this has the feel of) would be a refurbished Market Square. Central, a mix of wide open and closed off spaces, reuse of space. Maybe just my dream.
Put a couple of storeys of glass on top of the building that Stantec is leaving and you could have at least part of your wish re Market Square.
Looks interesting. I note that the "Conestoga Expressway is minutes away" is a feature, while the future LRT isn't mentioned at all. Presumably, both this building and the LRT would be complete at around the same time.
(02-03-2015, 03:41 PM)nms Wrote: Looks interesting.  I note that the "Conestoga Expressway is minutes away" is a feature, while the future LRT isn't mentioned at all.

I'd guess that transit is still a "dirty term" for many businesses. As an example, Waterloo Region is paying a quarter of a billion for this line, but nothing for a new highway 7; the former notably impacts taxes and thus rents relative to any other Ontario location, the latter does not. We also don't yet have, internal or external to the city, a reputation as a transit city. Aside from some mumblings around our tech areas, no "clamour" for high quality transit as a precursor to employment exists. But the ability to bring in employees by car (especially from out of town) is still key.
Should be 12 floors.
I'm disappointed that they went with above ground parking. You can see that the floor plans are ground and third+, and the ground floor plan shows the ramp as "ramp up".

I have no beef with above ground parking, if it's hidden away and not diminishing street frontage. It makes the building less expensive to construct, which makes small scale development more feasible. And after the timelines of mega-projects like the BarrelYards and City Centre, I would love to see more smaller-scale developments fill in the gaps. Like this, like the Beer Store at King/Francis, like the HSBC at King/William, etc.
Good looking building! Fits well.

DREAM owns the Crabby Joes building right? They should make a patio on it's roof for the third floor of the new building to have access to.
Dang, almost dropped my laptop when I realized where this was!!! Very happy to see this, to bad this news didn't come out before the Dollaramma deal went through!
Is this just a concept, or is this project (or a project) a serious possibility for this site?
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