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508 Beechwood Drive | 12 fl | Proposed
508 Beechwood Drive
Owner: 508 Beechwood Inc.Holding
Project: The property currently contains a 7-storey apartment building containing 41 units (70 bedrooms), a surface parking area, an underground parking structure, and tennis courts.  This Applicant is proposing to demolish the parking structure and tennis courts, and construct a 12-storey apartment building containing 140 dwelling units (237 bedrooms).  The existing 7-storey apartment building will remain.

[Image: 2jfdkqo.jpg]

[Image: rk6981.jpg]

Will be reading more about this beast in the NIMBY news I am sure. Big Grin
The existing property is so strange - I presume the building is residential, but there are nearly no windows to the rear and no balconies; and then the garage structure is only just above ground level and has tennis courts on the roof. I can't blame them for wanting to redevelop.

I just wish they'd found a better design.
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
I agree. I always wondered what the deal with that building was. It looks to me less like an apartment building and more like a CIA black site. It's ominous.
I used to be the mayor of sim city. I know what I am talking about.
Not a fan of the aesthetics on this one, and there will be lots of push back against this project without a doubt.
Not every building is going to be a work of art, and I think this is far from offensive-looking.

Hopefully they are not asking for too many variances, and they will make it through much more easily.
Hopefully they can save some of those semi and mature trees during construction, but I doubt it.
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
From what I can recall, it's the only multi-storey building in the Erb/Erbsville/Columbia/Fisher-Hallman block. It was probably the first attempt at including a substantial apartment building among low-rise residential in a new build site. I'd be curious to know if there are other zoning artifacts in that block that would leave open the possibility of increased density without the need for zoning change. (on a related note, until recently the corner of the Zehrs plaza closest to Erb was zoned for a gas station)
We should aim to interrupt the proposed amendments to the site. Personally I have no problem with them building another apartment. However there is no way it should be allowed to go up 12 stories in a residential neighbourhood, nor eliminate the trees that currently line the pedestrian walkway. 

We need to arm ourselves with information and attend all meetings. The informal public meeting will be held June 11 in the evening. Contact Wendy Fisher, Development Planner, 519-747-8544 or wendy.fisher@waterloo.ca to find out the time.  

To read details of site studies, go to https://www.waterloo.ca and search "508 Beechwood". Numerous site studies have already been conducted by consulting engineers Labreche Patterson. They are no doubt going to propose that there will be no negative impact on the neighbourhood. Unfortunately we neighbours do not have access to engineers who can counter-propose. Thus we need to line up our ducks in a row so we know what we are aiming for collectively, and speak with one voice about what we are and are not willing to tolerate.

Best we can hope for: 1. reduce height. I would recommend 6 stories max.   2. reduce east-west footprint. Why is there a "podium" that comes right up to the fence on the pedestrian walkway?
Here's the City's page re: the development.

Zoned medium-high density residential. That's 12 stories, so the application is not out of line on that count. Their main challenge is with the setbacks, but that, too, might be acceptable as there are no private properties immediately adjacent to the side.
(05-29-2018, 09:51 AM)ready2grow Wrote: Best we can hope for: 1. reduce height. I would recommend 6 stories max.   2. reduce east-west footprint. Why is there a "podium" that comes right up to the fence on the pedestrian walkway?

(Ironic user name, in this context)

If I’m reading the site plan correctly, the podium does not come up to the pedestrian walkway but only up to the setback line, 3m from the property line.
Does anyone have an update on this proposal?
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