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St Mark's Place (825 King St W) | 4 fl | completed
I was thinking that too....Hopefully the employees will be on top of things and maintain it....

The inability to pay top rent does not always correlate with someone's ability to keep a place in good condition. After close to a decade of operation on Erb St, the My Owen Place in Waterloo, another supportive housing project looks as good if not better than some of its neighbours. Similarly, the former Kinsmen Apartments, on Erb St E, are also in great shape.
(01-22-2024, 10:17 PM)nms Wrote: The inability to pay top rent does not always correlate with someone's ability to keep a place in good condition.

I guess technically speaking, you're right. But the reality is usually the opposite. I guarantee if you go to some of the transitional, supportive housing or shelters in this region they look like absolute shit more often than not. Social housing usually suffers from the same issues. I think anyone who has ever walked around a social housing project knows what I mean. Heck even regular old rental apartment buildings can look awful because when you don't own, there is less incentive to maintain the place.

I'd hope that the people who are granted the privilege to live here will be kind enough to not trash the place out of respect for others, but I also won't be surprised if it begins to happen. It's unfortunately just a common issue you find in housing options like this. There is a lot of academic research that has been done in fields like architecture, sociology and economics that tries to explain it if you are curious.
Shelters are not the same thing as supportive housing, nor do they have the same kind of people living there.
They are often related.
In this case, the target residents are people with disabilities, needing some support, not the homeless.
Here's a photo of the kitchen within the former choir space connected to the sanctuary from 

A public grand opening is scheduled for a couple weeks from now:

[Image: 20240206_121213.jpg]

I love how they kept the stain glass. No idea if that's original or not, but it's a nice feature that adds some colour to an otherwise generic white interior.
It appears they've begun moving into this place. There's the usual shopping carts littered around and lots of vehicles which I assume are staff.
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